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My name is Ekaterina Gakman, I live in St.-Petersburg, Russia and I've been creating stuffed toys since I was 5 years old.

Not one of the first, but sometime in 2011

     Since 2008, when I was 18, I started to work in mixed technique (stuffed toys with solid parts). My first steps were hard, in those days I lived in small Siberian town and didn’t have funds for good tools and materials. I even didn’t even have an internet access at home, so I also didn’t have a chance to find any tutorials or at list some useful information about the creating process. However, I had two hands, passion of my life and lots of free time, so I started to learn and invent by myself.

     In 2012 I finally moved to St.-Petersburg, the second biggest in Russia and one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. It was my dream since childhood when I was in St.-Petersburg on vacation.

     St.-Petersburg, the city of great Russian writers and poets, such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Alexander Pushkin and many others. This city gave me so much inspiration! Even now, many years after it still inspires me every single day and helps to stay creative.

     Also living in big city granted an access to stores with high quality materials and a chance to take part in local fests, which helped to find many new admirers of my work.

     In 2013 I already had lots of customers from the different parts of of Russia. And in early 2015 the first creature was shipped overseas, it was Germany by the way.

Spotty Kitten, 2016

Spotty Kitten, 2014

     By the end of 2019 I already have made and shipped over 1300 creatures allover the world. There is at least one of my creatures in each country of Western Europe, and almost in each state of US.

   It’s been a long time now and I’ve improved my skills incredibly since then, but the basic concept is still the same. I don’t make stuff for mass market. All of my creations are completely hand made, it means that each of them is hand sculpted, hand sewn and hand painted, so every single creature is truly unique. Yes, it slows the creating process dramatically, but it’s the only way to stay authentic, keep the greatest quality of the product and also to be ready for any kind of custom commissions.

     Many of creatures in my shop was originally requested by clients as a custom orders, and I highly appreciate my customer’s creativity which also helps me to make new beautiful creations.

Night Kittens, 2017

     So if you have some thoughts and want me to create a creature based on your ideas or personal design (or resemble to already existing character you like and have a picture of it), please feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

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